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Unexpected stories about genis
Told by neudies.

Getting to know Pricasso, The Artist with the Genital Paintbrush


Tim Patch is a British-born artist who now lives in Australia. He works under the stage name Pricasso and paints vibrant and colorful portraits with his penis, scrotum and butt cheeks. 

He has encountered a lot of resistance from the art world over more than 15 years of practice, but he has continued to share his unique talent and wonderfully vibrant message of body confidence.

Here at Neudies, we are all about normalizing genitals, so Tim’s story struck a chord. We wanted to celebrate his work, so we commissioned him to paint Nipes‘ portrait, and afterward, we caught up with him for a chat.

Pricasso's portrait of nipes Photo by neudies

Pricasso’s portrait of nipes
Photo by neudies.

Polaroid of Pricasso posing with nipes in his studio.

Polaroid of Pricasso posing with nipes in his studio. 
Photo by Pricasso.

Pricasso told us that his inspiration came while watching the famous Las Vegas show “Puppetry of the Penis” where the entertainers perform tricks with their genitals. Having drawn a smiley face with his slightly wet willy on a flat stainless steel splashback in a toilet, he had a revelation:

“I realized it was possible (to paint) so went straight out and bought some canvases and paints… when I got home I undressed, as you do, and squeezed out the paint onto dinner plates… holding the canvas in one hand and my penis in the other, I started sliding paint around the canvas.”

Initially, Pricasso was worried about using his genitals as a work tool since he was body-conscious. “Like all men, I thought my dick wasn’t big enough, and also I was very shy. It took a lot of alcohol the first time I painted at a club!” He joined a public speaking group to increase his confidence to where he could perform publicly at a bondage fetish club: “As soon as I entered I knew I was the most normal person in the room, so it was not that hard, excuse the pun.” Everything is relative!

Pricasso Illustration
Pricasso showing the audience a portrait he completed during a live painting show

Pricasso showing the audience a portrait he completed during a live painting show.
Image courtesy of Pricasso.

When we asked Pricasso how his family and friends feel about his art, he said that he was a well-known eccentric, so no one was shocked. However, it has taken a while for some people to come around to the idea. “My daughter used not to tell anyone as she is a nurse” Pricasso smiles. “But one day she went into the hospital and every TV display screen was tuned into my website, One of the doctors had found it and they all thought it was fantastic!”

Winning the support of your nearest and dearest is one thing, but proving your talent to the world at large is a very different prospect. Tim’s biggest aspiration is to be accepted by the art community. He took on speed portraiture, one of the most challenging forms of painting, because he was aware his audiences need to see a completed work within a few minutes to hold their attention. As well as being an accomplished artist, Tim adds a little theatrical pizzazz to his process to make it entertaining, but his main focus is always on producing quality artwork using his unique and complex technique.

Stillframes from Pricasso's video showcasing several painting techniques

Stillframes from Pricasso’s video showcasing several painting techniques. 
Image courtesy of Pricasso.

Mix of various iconic portraits and Pricasso posing with them

Mix of various iconic portraits and Pricasso posing with them.  
Collage by neudies. 

Tim has certainly achieved a certain level of notoriety but has struggled with getting media coverage for his work. He had shows canceled by censors in Mexico in 2010 and cannot perform on television in some countries. In 2019, Pricasso finally got a chance to prove his worth publically in Australia’s Got Talent. He created a portrait of one of the judges, leaving the entire panel speechless because of its quality. He progressed to the next round and captivated the live audience, who fell in love with Tim’s natural charisma. “That’s the best thing I have ever seen in my entire life” one grinning TV presenter exclaimed.

Despite receiving a standing ovation, the Australian Communications and Media Authority received complaints from members of the public who considered Pricasso’s talent to be inappropriate for TV viewing, even though his penis was censored during the performance. We can’t imagine why so many people would have an issue with implied nudity and be so embarrassed by the human form that they would take the time to complain about it.

Portrait of a french bulldog by Pricasso

Portrait of a french bulldog.
Image courtesy of Pricasso. 

Pricasso posing with a portrait of Joseph Allen Schreibvogel a.k.a Joe Exotic

Pricasso posing with a portrait of Joseph Allen Schreibvogel a.k.a Joe Exotic
Image courtesy of Pricasso. 

It’s not the first time Pricasso has suffered at the hands of ignorant bystanders though. “I have been deleted from YouTube several times,” he told us. “I even got deleted from Wikipedia by the founder Jimmy Wales. I painted a portrait of him and someone put it on the site. So much for the Free Speech Guy! We definitely think that Tim is challenging accepted boundaries in art and we give him props for that.

A mix of photos, mementos and newspaper cutouts showcasing Pricasso's career

A mix of photos, mementos and newspaper cutouts showcasing Pricasso’s career.  
Collage by neudies. 

Sexologist Nikki Goldstein, writing in Profanity or Art? questions those who are upset by Pricasso’s art. “Is the disgust coming from the fact that it is his penis he is using? I wonder what is so wrong with painting with a penis? We never got an instruction manual with these things (although sometimes I wish we had) so why should we limit the penis to just sex? Is it written in stone that this part of the male body has a limit to what it can be used for?”

“He is not performing crude sexual acts in public,” Nikki continues, “but simply creating amazing art with his body! Is that so wrong? We fear genitals in public, and when they are used for anything other than in the bedroom!” We definitely agree that there needs to be more differentiation between nudity and sexuality.

A bona fide talent with admirable wit, creativity, and charisma. When faced with a hater, do as Tim does, simply turn your back.  

Pricasso's savage back tattoo

Pricasso’s savage back tattoo.
Image courtesy of Pricasso.

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