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Neudies x Sintezia,
Neu York to St Petersburg


Known for their classic punk-leaning footwear, Russian fashion house Sintezia invited our beloved Nagavi and Nipes to collaborate on a series of dream boots. If you are not familiar with this Saint Petersburg based footwear masters you are in for a treat.

Neudies Seg Boot in cozy teddy faux fur with embedded N&Ns on a chunky baby blue rubber sole.

Neudies Ankle Quad Boot in leather with embossed faux croc print. Western style metal square tip with embedded turquoise stone N&Ns.

Neudies Seg Boot in fuzzy faux fur with bonnet-ornament-styled metal N&Ns on a chunky black rubber sole.

Creative Direction | Neudies

Art Direction | Nagavi and Nipes

Photography | Iñigo Apestegui 

Models | Cecilia Navarro Megias
and Bruno Bellini

Hair and Makeup | Maria Montero Senso

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