Have you met the Neudies?

These adorable design figures are much more than what you see…

A must have decor element.

For those who seek the original and the artsy home decor, the Neudies will bring uniqueness to any corner of your home.

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A truly original gift.

For those who enjoy gifting the unexpected, the Neudies will always surprise and bring a smile.

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A conversation starter.

For the ones who enjoy discussing unusual topics, the Neudies will get you talking about things you’ve never thought of.

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A curious story.

Inspired by the missing genitals from our childhood toys, the Neudies are a symbolic representation of our most intimate body parts.

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A message of hope.

The Neudies fight censorship and taboo with humor, design and storytelling. It’s time to look at things from a different perspective. Dare to think different and adopt a Neudie.