The most unique art toys you’ve ever seen.

Art Toys That Break The Mold - NEUDIES

Art is supposed to provoke and spark a thought, a question, an opinion.

The neudies will bring you joy to your spirit and  a certain  “je ne sais quoi” to your home.

This first edition art toys are battling censorship and cultural norms to open up a conversation

  • 12 cm | 5”
  • 120 grams | 4.2 oz
  • Super soft premium vinyl art toys
  • Born in Neu York
Art Toys Nagavi & Nipes - NEUDIES

nagavi & nipes

soft vinyl figures


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Our collectors don’t buy neudies as a mere art toy with the sole idea of decorating. When they adopt a neudie they are making a statement.

are you in???

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