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Neudies in the snow

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(not) Awarded GQ Magazine Best Stuff

(not) Awarded GQ Magazine
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The Norm

“We are a pioneering
brand inspiring
change through art,
design and powerful

(Guardian Angel)

It’s no secret that sex is all around us, but somehow it’s still uncomfortable and a little weird to talk about genitals.

There is a rooted sense of shame in genitals that is directly linked to censorship. It’s an arbitrary kind of censorship that urges sex and shames our bodies at the same time. It’s no wonder we have a tough time talking about nudity.

In 2018, a pair of siblings in Neu York City asked themselves a revolutionary question:

“Can we disrupt
the way we see and
talk about genitals?”


The siblings wondered how they could portray genitals in a completely different light. One that would incite conversation and distance shame from the equation. In one of these conversations, the idea of the lack of genitals in toys came up. They decided to reinvent these “missing parts” and turn genitals into protagonists.


“We are challenging
censorship and cultural
norms because we want to
open up a conversation that
normalizes genitals”


The neudies are the voice of a new generation that wants to challenge the norm. Those who are different and willing to embrace change do it with confidence. Being different helps us, and we embrace it with pride.

Toy parts

Whether we want it or not, the neudies are inherently provoking, and inevitably spark a thought, a reaction, an opinion. Their ultimate value is in their ability to encourage a conversation that promotes acceptance.

The Mold.

Join our friend Marcus as he narrates the journey of two brave genitals, who after living a life of rejection marked by shame, risk it all in the pursuit of freedom and acceptance.


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Enrique & Ines

about neudies

This brother and sister duo developed the neudies by combinig their love for art, design, and storytelling with the goal of bringing people together and encouraging authentic conversations.


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